The Things We Bring To The Table

"Takes you through emotional highs and lows, but keeps you reading..." Reader's Favorite 5 star read

Lucretia Hughes became Charleston's Cinderella when she married the wealthy Russ Rutledge, but her working class upbringing doesn't let her simply enjoy a life of ease. In what has become a passionless relationship, Cree continues to try to prove her worth in the marriage.

Cree, having given up on her marriage and longing the life she could've had if she'd followed her passion, she's suddenly given a Pandora's box of an opportunity to become a singer with instant fame. This journey, however, takes a quick and perilous turn when she's hunted by kidnappers and her husband is the suspect.

In this thriller, Cree has but a small window and the help of a few characters who are just as driven to determine their own fate. While fighting for her life Cree is finding out just why a man who can have anything money can buy, and any woman he wants, sees so much value in her.